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The Only Guide You Will Need To Navigate Relationship Funnels- Part 1

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What is the primary aim of a sales department? Getting more customers. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by establishing relationship funnels. These relationship funnels are a way to prioritize an actual connection with your customer base. 

The main focus while building a relationship funnel is providing value and teachings so that you can become a trustworthy source for your audience. And once they trust you as a source, they will be ready to come to you for whatever problems they are facing. 

If you have created a beautiful relationship between you and your clients, then it becomes that much easier for them to buy from you. 

And today, we are going to find out how to develop these relationship funnels. 

But, right about this time many might be wondering, whether relationship funnels and sales funnels are different from each other. The short answer is, yes. Now, the long answer. 

The difference between a relationship vs sales funnel

  • The first difference between these two is the sales technique. In a sales funnel, creating scarcity and urgency are some of the common tactics. Whereas, in a relationship funnel, the focus is on cultivating a relationship with prospective customers. 
  • People buy from you because they are impressed with your product and not because they feel rushed. 
  • A sales funnel is centered around marketing campaigns and purchasing process. On the other hand, relationship funnels focus on long-term connections. 

Now that we know how a relationship funnel is different from a sales funnel, let’s move on to the next part. 

Do I really need a relationship funnel?

If you are looking to sell by boosting your strategy rather than making a hard sell, then you do need relationship funnels. 

It might seem like we are not doing right by our business because we are spending a lot of time cultivating relationships rather than focusing on maximizing profits. 

However, when relationships have a connection with a brand, they become loyal customers that repeatedly purchase from you. 

How to build a relationship funnel?

Now, let us look at how to use and create relationship funnels for your business. 

Define it

When do you think your relationship with your customers starts? Once they have connected with you or followed you on social media? Not at all. Your relationship starts the moment they find out about your brand. 

Now, they could find out about you from an ad, a search result, or even from a referral. Therefore, you need to create all your content online while keeping your target customers in mind. 

To prioritize your customers, you need to define a customer profile. You need to define on paper who your customer is. Invest in CRM to know your current and future customers. 

 Niche marketing

Creating marketing strategies in general for anyone will produce poor-quality results. Being ambiguous will not get us much farther. 

What your material covers will depend on who your audience is and what interests they have. It will also determine how often you present information, what channels you use, and how it is presented. 

Evaluate and improve your content. Switch gears and try something else if something isn’t establishing or enhancing your relationship with your niche audience. 

That’s all for now. However, we are not nearly to the end of how to create relationship funnels. Let’s continue with our journey in the next blog. 

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