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Top EdTech Startup Strategies to Look Out for in 2022 

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We are currently living in the edtech revolution. The market is thriving, and many startups are taking innovative steps to grow. To survive in such a competitive and volatile market, being creative and coming up with successful strategies is the only way to create their own space in the industry. 

Here are some of the top strategies that have brought in more ROIs than other edtech startups. 

The freemium model

It is one of the most popular and not to mention most effective models used for marketing strategies by edtech startups. It is a successful strategy because it lets customers experience the product, and companies can acquire new customers. 

Once they have experienced the model, then they can understand why the premium is worth it. And so, making the switch from free to premium is easier than directly making them buy the product. Customers are more inclined to buy the premium version when they have actually experienced what they are missing. 

Keyword labeling and journey mapping

For new edtech startups, the user journeys will be longer than other products and services. As users are unfamiliar with the startup’s portal, more indecisiveness and confusion are involved. But, it also becomes an opportunity for edtech businesses. User journey mapping allows companies to track the steps from customers knowing about your product to buying it. 

It helps you align your marketing content with the journey to increase buying. And journey mapping becomes more effective with keyword research. Labeling various keywords for various junctions of the buyer journey attracts customers and also increases search engine rankings. 

Omnichannel  engagement 

Users don’t interact with a product on a single path. Nowadays, they prefer buying a product that they have researched and interacted with on multiple channels. It is also not an uninterrupted buying journey. They pause and unpause the journey several times before making the actual purchase. 

Therefore, an omnichannel strategy is useful for analyzing the customer profile, narrowing down the most used channels, and creating content that is appropriate for the different channels.  


An ideal marketing strategy has two steps. The first is piquing interest, and the second is stimulating that interest till it turns into a purchase. For the second step, remarketing comes into the picture. 

Remarketing or retargeting can be a useful digital marketing technique. It basically means that you’re going to create personalized or targeted ads for someone who is already aware of your product and is likely going to convert. And this time around, you are aware of the type of customer base you’re trying to attract. 

Smart campaigns

Smart ads can help in getting the right customers at the right time and place. A smart campaign can be considered like a multiple version of one advertisement. It can lead to more conversions as the ads show up for a specific user in a locality when they type in particular keywords. They also help you with easy lead tracking. 

So, these are some of the best strategies for edtech startups that have been doing great so far. Which other strategies do you think have brought in impressive results? 

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