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The Only Guide You Will Need To Navigate Relationship Funnels

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In our last blog, we discussed the following sections: 

  • The difference between a sales funnel and a relationship funnel
  • What is the need for relationship funnels?

We also saw the first two ways of creating a relationship funnel. They were defining a customer profile, and niche marketing. 

In this part, we are going to cover the rest of the ways to cultivate a relationship funnel. 

Speak their language

Go to your value proposition or mission statement as a starting point. There will be some terms or classifications you chose to describe your company that will also be appealing to customers. After all, you undoubtedly had your audience in mind when you wrote these statements.

Have a strategy to maintain relationships

Customers who visit and stay spend significantly more money with your company.

Relationships can be strengthened by putting in place an effective nurturing strategy. For example, when customers join your sales pipeline, you can monitor the phone calls. If there isn’t a clear sales goal, cultivating connections should result in mutually beneficial exchanges. This means you can give something away to the consumer, develop your talents, or increase your opportunities.

Cultivating relationships is not that easy. However, you can focus on a couple of tactics like customer orientation, email marketing, and social selling to build relationships. 

Stay relevant

Your sales funnel will expand if you educate it. Use case studies to illustrate how your solution works, and include video evidence of satisfied customers who have had similar issues. Make sure they are receiving particular information rather than being inundated with generic communications by providing them with educational materials — segment leads.

Early on in the relationship, ascertain how and when your lead wishes to be contacted. It helps with time management and eases tension to know that they don’t check email beyond a particular time or are rarely at their desk to take a call. Instead, think about how to transfer a call during a time that is convenient for them.

Let them know your value

Give away some of your goods or offer a service without charging anything. This is a fantastic method to provide clients more without lowering the value of your brand. Nothing promotes sales more successfully than a company that isn’t aggressively or actively marketing. Instead, to earn your customers’ trust, show them how your product or service would solve their issue.

Make sure to demonstrate to the client how your prompt service may address their specific issues while avoiding the emergence of new ones. They will be able to see firsthand how much money may be saved in the long run by hiring an expert rather than lowering costs when you present your proposal to them.

Display your dynamic nature

Use dynamic images or text that changes to display personalized content in emails and on websites. The information acquired through customization platforms or customer data platforms can be used to determine this.

This way you can add images specific to users in different demographics or categories. These small changes definitely have a huge impact as they make customers feel valued. 

So, that’s all for now. Creating relationship funnels is definitely not an easy task. And it may seem time-consuming to go through this ordeal. However, if the entire process is done well, then it creates a huge impact on the business and adds valuable trusted customers. 

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