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Must-Have Security Practices For Your Business

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The new normal is different from what we knew before. Now, many people are opting for a hybrid model, i.e., a combination of remote work and in-office work. And while this new model has its own benefits, there are some pitfalls that we need to look after. With two different models of work, there are even more possibilities for a security breach, unless we proactively do something about it. 

Here are some security practices that we can implement in these new scenarios. 

Strengthen the door-access control system

Security begins at the entrance. Consider installing a door access control system immediately if you don’t already have one. If you already have one, an upgrade could be necessary.

You’ll have to decide whether to install an on-site access control system or cloud-based software when determining the ideal access control system for your area. The majority of legacy access control providers employ an on-premise server, which takes up physical space in their facility and requires on-site maintenance. 

Cloud-based management tools might be a preferable option, especially in the hybrid workplace where staff may not always be there to receive maintenance personnel.

Beware of identity theft

Many of us might think, doesn’t identity theft actually refer to individuals? Well, not necessarily. According to data from Experian, American companies lose billions each year to business identity theft and fraud losses. This is a potential blow to the cash flow and can cause troubles with creditors and suppliers. 

Here are the types of identity thefts that occur on a company level:

Phishing attacks

These involve spam texts, calls, and emails from ostensibly reputable businesses, banks, or other organizations asking you to “confirm your identity,” for instance, by providing your social security number.

of new hires. 

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