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Must-Have Features For A Shipping Software

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Software and alerts are just as important to the e-transportation commerce of products as trucks and cargo planes. Software for tracking shipments is becoming more and more crucial. 

By utilizing cloud services and barcode technology to track shipments and parcels throughout their trip, from the production to the warehouse to the buyer’s doorstep, good shipment tracking technology enables businesses to be more productive, accountable, and profitable. Now, here are some of the features to look for in shipping software before locking it in for your business. 


 More thorough software for logistics shows you where packages are at all times, when they are expected to leave, and where and when they are expected to arrive. In order to track shipments throughout their delivery lifecycle, carriers are increasingly using throwaway GPS labels and other live tracking technologies. 

FedEx GPS monitoring systems, for instance, keep an eye on shipments during their whole voyage and report on the integrity, security, and position of each one.

Transportation Tracking

The term “transportation tracking software” (or “transportation management system software” or “TMS”) refers to programs that keep track of when and where items are being transported. For freight shipments, TMS software often offers a mail tracking device or ship tracking apps.

Internal and Inbound Shipment Tracking

A mailroom app is typically integrated with this type of parcel monitoring technology to track packages and parcels as they move around a business. These kinds of package tracking technology solutions deal with the issue of not knowing who signed for or received shipments into your company and where they went after they arrived. 

There won’t be any more lost shipments that your carrier swears were delivered thanks to these kinds of systems, which make sure you always know exactly where a package went and who is responsible for it.

Shipping Integration

Are the software and the systems I already have compatible? Will they combine easily? There is no ideal answer. In most cases, there is no need to completely overhaul your business in order to use the “correct” shipment tracking software.

 Software errors that disregard the present operating environment are the most expensive. Make sure the shipment tracking service you select can be integrated with your existing systems.

Data Security

Cyberattacks and data breaches are more frequent than ever. Your business’s logistical data collecting may be hampered if you have the bad luck of becoming the target of an assault. Your company’s reputation could suffer if the breach is made public. Ascertain that the shipment tracking software you select utilizes cutting-edge data security methods.


Software for tracking shipments should be able to expand with your needs. In order for your shipment tracking to grow along with your company, look for a straightforward, multi-channel tool that supports an unlimited number of users. Since your data consumption is unrestricted, cloud-based apps are very helpful.

So, these are some of the features that are essential in shipping software. Now, a business can need more features than this as suited to their requirements. But looking for these features can help companies narrow down the best software to go ahead with. 

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