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Let’s Answer The Most Important Question- Does Your Startup Need a Website or Mobile App?

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As new startuppers start their journey, they are faced with a million questions. And one of the most crucial dilemmas they face is – a website or a mobile app? 

When everything around us is becoming digital, it makes sense for new businesses to have a strong digital presence as well. And that’s why many people are setting up websites or apps for their products. But like we said before, choosing which would be best for the business is tough. 

Well, not anymore! Here is how you can decide whether you need to get started with a mobile app or a website. 

Do your customers prefer a desktop device or a mobile device?

Understanding your user’s preferences can help you decide which one to get first, an app or a website.  Some services are easy to access on the go, and that is where apps are helpful. However, for some products, users prefer to use a desktop. For example, users prefer to access a SaaS platform on a desktop. So, in these conditions starting with a website can be helpful. 

What is your budget? 

There is a significant gap between how much it costs for app development and website development. Often, a mobile app development company suggests that starting with a website and then turning to an app will be helpful because making a website is cheaper. 

Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, you can definitely opt for a website initially. It can help you create a strong digital presence. Once you have gained some profits, then you could focus on app development. 

Will the user need to use your product offline? 

An app provides the ability to use features like push notifications or being able to use offline. If you want your product to be used without the internet, then an app is the way to go. You can’t use or have the internet in many places like basements, an airplane, or a forest. In such scenarios having an app works out for the best. 

If you get an app, will you have to update it often?

Before getting an app, consider this, will your app require updates frequently, or will you need to change the content in the app regularly? If your answer is a yes to both these questions, then you might consider getting a website first. 

After making a website, you could focus on building cross-platform apps rather than native apps so that users won’t have to update their product as much. You can simply keep changing the website content. 

Is your product complex? 

If your project involves complex reporting, numbers, or other features, then getting these tools to work on a website accessed on a phone can be tough on the user. Therefore, if your product requires complex functionality, an app is the best way. 

What are your competitors using? 

Surely, you do not have to do everything your competitors are doing. However, analyzing their moves and why they might have done so can help you understand the point of view behind their decision. 

You can also see what features they are using and whether you can achieve the same, if need be, with whatever you choose to move forward with, website or mobile app. 

So, we think this can help you pick whether your business needs a mobile app or a website. What other challenges have you faced while choosing between the two? 

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