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Launching Your E-commerce Website? Here’s A Checklist For You!

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The website launch is an exciting and daunting experience at the same time. While you are exhilarated to start this amazing journey, you are also wondering whether you have done everything right. We get it. 

We have a checklist for the pre-launch phase of your website. Once you’ve gone through the checklist, you’ll know if you’re ready or not. 

  • Do you have an analytics tool? 

Launching your website without it is like not even launching the website. It can be helpful in keeping track of site traffic and conversions. If you don’t have a tool ready, then you won’t be able to track your site’s progress and shortcomings. 

  • Social media marketing

Have you utilized social media to its full potential? Promoting your e-commerce website on social media helps you create an audience base. Spread the word about the store on as many platforms as possible and as effectively. 

  • Website backup

Website backup is extremely necessary. As an e-commerce website, you need to regularly update the inventory and landing pages. So, if you don’t have scheduled routine backups for the website, you’ll keep worrying about security. Creating a backup for the website at least twice a day is recommended. 

  • Check links and various functions

The e-commerce website is your digital store. Therefore, you need to ensure that all the features you are providing are working. You have to verify whether you’ve entered the right information, like prices and descriptions, accurately. Also, double-check your contact information as it connects your customers with you. 

  • Do you have channels for building communication?

Your e-commerce website will rarely be perfect when it launches. There is a scope for a lot of improvement. Therefore, keeping in touch with your customers helps in working on specific changes that they want to enhance their experience.

Usually, arranging a communication channel on social media platforms helps you understand what they want you to change. You can also set up email chains and newsletters for communication. 

  • Checking image quality

When customers are shopping on your e-commerce store, the product image is so very crucial. The only way customers have to understand how the product looks is by viewing its images. Therefore, the images need to be high-quality so that they can get as clear an understanding as possible. Before launching, ensure that all your pictures have high-quality and enticing product descriptions. 

  • Proof-read content

Many times we do the big things perfectly but forget the little things. Though content is not at all a little thing, sometimes people totally forget to proofread the content one last time before launching. A copy with spelling or grammatical errors is off-putting for the customers and sets a bad impression. It also prevents the customers from buying your product as they lose confidence in the site. 

  • Checking payment gateways

Imagine your customers have purchased items. They are quite happy with the entire process of shopping, and all that is left is paying. However, there are glitches while paying. The customer is unable to purchase and is disappointed. They won’t be able to trust your brand. 

To avoid that, double-check whether all the payment options work. Make several dummy purchases to ensure that the payment section has no problems whatsoever. 

So, this was our checklist. What has been your experience with launching a website? What did your checklist look like?

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