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Key Features Every EdTech Portal Should Have 

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EdTech websites are perhaps one of the trickiest websites to create. There are so many aspects to the website students, teachers, course material, videos, etc. That’s not it. All these factors have their own specific needs as well as overlapping needs. And that is the reason why many edtech portals are not successful and soon become irrelevant. 

If you’re thinking of starting an edtech portal, then don’t worry. Even if it may be a bit tricky, you can still create a high-quality website. And here are all the features you need to ensure your website has. 

Strong search function

People sometimes forget the most obvious and simplest requirements while creating something complex like an edtech website. Usually, educational websites will have many pages due to the extensive materials and features it requires. And users will be frustrated and disappointed if they can’t find what they’re looking for. 

So, having a good quality robust search function will make a lot of difference. It will help users navigate their way through the website. Users won’t be tempted to leave the website. If they reach the wrong page while navigating, a strong search function will help them quickly get back on track. 


There are many trends in web design and communication. However, education industries can start with videos. Videos are a good way to convey brand values effectively. It can be a video about anything. It can be a video about your institution, your vision, your model, or anything that will make the audience understand something about your brand. 


People who will potentially connect with you in the future will see your website first and foremost. It has become the primary tool for communication. That means your users will have to interact with the site a lot. Therefore, consistent branding and visuals are extremely important for a memorable experience. 

And not just for the websites. There needs to be consistency on all channels, online and offline. Furthermore, the website itself needs to feel like it is one unit. It should look like one unit instead of thirty different pages clubbed together.  


For edtech websites, their students are the prime attention. And even if they may have laptops and desktops, we can be sure that they’ll access the website on their phones as well. Mobiles have become an inseparable part of people these days. They prefer the flexibility of accessing the website anywhere. So, it is crucial to make the website mobile-friendly. 

Now, many people might wonder, why make the website mobile-friendly? Why not just create an app? Keeping two sets of contents in an information-dense environment is tiresome and expensive. Therefore, websites are the preferred way to go. 

Optimized home page

The home page is the first impression of the website. The visitors are distracted and confused if the homepage showcases a hundred different things. Too many pictures close together, and a lot of text can be offputting. 

Homepages can be used to show exactly what your edtech portal is all about. And you can go into detail in further pages instead of mentioning everything in one place. 

So, we think these are some of the crucial features for edtech websites. Which other features are important? 

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