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How to Write a Convincing Business Plan for Investors – Part 1

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The first challenge for many startups is to raise money. And in order to raise money, one needs investors. And now, coming to the bedrock of the question, how to get investors interested in your plan? 

One of the key components that can steer investors in your favor is a slick business plan. So, it is crucial that you invest some time and get a professional business plan ready for them. Now, it is true that some investors may not ask for business plans. But, it is always better to have it and the investors not ask for it rather than you not having it and investors asking for it. 

Moreover, it is not only for their benefit. Before going to investors, if you have a business plan ready, then it means that you have gone through all aspects of your business in detail and are ready to present in front of investors. 

So, let’s get started on how to write a convincing business plan for investors. 

Why do investors want to see a business plan? 

Before making a business plan, we need to understand why they would ask to see a business plan. It will help us in writing a plan focused on their requirements. 

  • Investors don’t focus on the business plan document per se. The knowledge you have acquired as a result of the procedure is what matters. 
  • A business plan demonstrates that you have done your due diligence in considering how your company will operate and the objectives you hope to accomplish.
  • You must spend time considering your target market, your sales, and marketing approach, the issue you resolve for your consumers, and who your main competitors are while creating a business plan. 
  • A business plan gives you the framework for considering these issues and records your responses, ensuring that you are ready for the inquiries investors will inevitably have about your enterprise.
  • Investors will want to understand your financial projections in addition to your business strategy. They are interested in your “business model,” which describes how your company will operate financially. 
  • Additionally, they’ll want to know what it will take for your business to be profitable and where you plan to invest capital to expand. Any business plan must have a thorough financial plan, so taking your time here will be beneficial.

Is there a perfect business plan to show the investors? 

  • Investors are aware that there is no such thing as a perfect business strategy. After all, they have invested years, and often even decades, listening to business pitches, reviewing company plans, and watching companies flourish and fail.
  • After all, the strategy will most likely have to be tweaked once the business starts acquiring customers. 
  • The key is that planning itself, rather than the final product, is what adds value. Investors want to know that you have given your idea some thought, have listed your presumptions, and are on track to verify them in order to reduce risk in your company.

Now, we understand the investors’ expectations. So, in the next part, we can start with how to actually write it, what to include in it, what documents are required, and so on. Stay tuned!

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