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How Much Does Web Development Cost in India? 

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Nowadays, if you have a business, you most certainly have a website or need a website. A website has become a tool for branding, marketing, and even boosting your sales. With so much riding on a website, it is crucial to spend adequate time and resources on it to get it right. Starting a business, especially a small-sized or medium-sized business, is not easy, and resources need to be spent responsibly. 

If you want to get a website, then the number one question is how much does web development cost? Now, there are plenty of factors that affect web development costs. Let us analyze these factors and figure out how much you would have to spend to build a good website.  

Factors Influencing the Web Development Cost

Domain name and hosting

The domain name is the name of your website. And the host is where all the files of the website are going to be stored. The cost of the domain name can range from ₹90-800, whereas the hosting charges range from around ₹200 to ₹2000 per month.

Logo and theme

Your website’s logo and theme are important to your brand and how your customers perceive you. Your logo is something people associate your company with, whereas the theme for the website will set the tone for what kind of a company you are and what people can expect. 

So, it is advisable to invest in a good customized theme with a professional logo that suits you. Getting a logo can cost anywhere from ₹2k to ₹6k, and a good theme can cost up to ₹8k. 

Special features

Here is where the web development cost really differs from business to business. Depending on your business model, you will require some special functionalities on your website like live chat, UPI, lead generation, etc. 

Now, these features individually can range anywhere from ₹2k to ₹6k. The more of these features you require more is the web development cost

Website maintenance

This is a recurring expense that comes with a website. Only building a website is never enough. The website requires to be updated and maintained regularly. If there are some features that aren’t working or new features need to be added, then it has to be done periodically. 

Typical website maintenance starts from ₹5k and can escalate from site to site depending on the available features. 

Site content 

A website is incomplete without content. Your site content charges will increase when the number of pages increases. The cost of content per page can range up to ₹5k. 

These are not the only costs, if it is an e-commerce website, then it can add up to ₹30k to your web development cost to include the e-commerce features. Moreover, if the website has to be responsive, then there are additional costs that can start from ₹5k per month. 

All these were the factors influencing the web development cost. You can customize as per your requirements what features you require and need to spend more on and the features that are not as important to your website. 

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