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How Do The New Google Firebase Features Affect The Development Process?

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Many developers rely on Google Firebase during the app development process. And new features are introduced to it for the delight of many users. These features have been introduced with the goal of speeding up the mobile and web app development process.

With its additional features, Google Firebase has additional abilities like improved Crashlytics capabilities, new Extension events, improved support for Flutter, and a cross-platform app development framework. 

In the new iteration, there is an additional deploy command. This welcome addition lets developers simultaneously deploy an app in a single command over web development frameworks like Next.js and Angular. It is definitely a time-saving feature of Google Firebase. 

Now, the new changes have received a mixed response from the users. While many have accepted them graciously, some may not have been that impressed. The new features may look like they are not as impactful. However, from a developer’s point of view, they are useful while working to increase productivity and improve speed. 

The various introductions are here to increase the developers’ productivity. Here are some important aspects of the new features. 

New additions to Crashlytics

  • Previously developers had to switch tools if they had to resolve issues or debug their code. But with the new window, ‘App Quality Insights,’ developers can reproduce, debug the code, and resolve issues that Crashlytics reported without leaving the current space. 
  • The crash data helps developers quickly find the exact line of the code that may be causing the code to crash. 
  • These new developments assist developers greatly when they are looking to fix their code. 
  • With these new developments, troubleshooting has become easier and faster instead of being a hassle. 
  • When developers can find the root cause of the crashes, they can resolve them once and for all, making the app stable in general. 
  • And what about time? When developers are not stuck finding what is causing the crash, they can utilize their time better and get done with the app development process much quicker, saving time and resources. 

Customization introduced to Firebase Extensions

  • The new extensions of Google Firebase provide plenty of codes that developers can now directly add to their codebase. 
  • The codes are easy to use. 
  • However, there is a downside to these extensions. They do make the app development process easier if they can fit as it is into the code. However, they don’t always fit the developer’s requirements. 
  • Many users have shared their feedback stating that they would like more customizations so that they can deploy the code into the codebase. This way, they can provide fast solutions and customized solutions at the same time. 

So, these were the additional features of Google Firebase. Developers are able to build high-quality apps in a short amount of time with Google Firebase. And they are expecting to see Firebase offer third-party extensions for the app development process.

The features provide necessary additions to Google Firebase, and it is, all in all, a welcome change for developers. Have you experienced these new features? If yes, then what has been your personal experience with it? 

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