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Everything You Need to Know Before You Convert Your Website Into an App

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Smartphones have become the quintessential electronic device. Nowadays, the requirement for desktops to access a site is reduced. In 2021, more than half of website visits came from mobile devices.  

When so much depends on phones, many companies are wondering whether they need to convert their website into a mobile app. Today, let’s see why we need a mobile app and how to convert your website into one.

Do you really need to turn your website into a mobile app? 

Mobile apps are helpful for a user-friendly mobile experience. Mobile apps are easy to access. Once a user has that app, it is easier to use it rather than opening a website on a browser. A mobile app also has an interface that works especially well on a mobile device. 

Along with the above benefits, if your website is not that mobile-friendly, having an app can bridge the gap between you and your customers. 

Now sometimes, mobile app development can become additional and unnecessary work if you have a website that does well by itself. Before you convert your website into an app, here is a checklist for you. 

  • Check how it ranks on search engines. 
  • Check out whether your competitors have one. 
  • Check whether your website is mobile-friendly. 
  • Check whether your website can do everything you want an app to do.
  • Check where most customers access your website, on the phone or a desktop. 

Once you have gone through the checklist and still want to make an app, here are some things you need to consider.

Make a list of all the required features

Mobile app development is going to take time and resources. Therefore, you need to know the essential features required for the app to be functional and what functions can be added later. Think about all the reasons you wanted to shift from a website to an app and then come up with the features. Also, ensure that you are building in features that your customers actually require, rather than adding something to make the app flashy. 

Decide on a budget

Build an estimate for mobile app development cost. Consider features, the time required to develop an app, the team for creating the app, etc. 

If the app is over budget, then, in the beginning, launch with only the essential features, and then later, you can add on as more money flows into the business. 

Creating a user-friendly design

If the UX design is not user-friendly, switching from a website to an app can be redundant and wasteful. Prioritize the UX design for your mobile app. Ensure that it is more mobile-friendly than your existing website. 

If it is getting tough to make it more user-friendly than the website, then maybe investing in making the website better may be a smart decision instead of getting a mobile app.  

Testing the app

It is a very crucial step that many do half-heartedly. However, testing your app thoroughly before launching it in the store can significantly improve its quality. It helps sort out glitches. Moreover, you can test the user experience as a whole and make any necessary changes to improve the app. 

So, if you are considering converting your website into an app, you can definitely consider these things. What else do you think can be useful while creating a mobile app? 

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