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Does Your D2C Startup Website Come With These Must-Have Features? 

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For D2C brands, providing a great customer experience is perhaps the most important aspect. D2C startups can provide personalization and inclusivity and even have the power to start and end trends. Every successful startup aims to reach a position from where it can achieve all the above things. 

For a D2C startup, its website is a crucial tool in its arsenal. Therefore, taking the website to almost perfection with a strong back-end and front-end system helps in providing an experience that the customers will enjoy. 

Creating a mobile-first website

It is the mobile age, and a majority of the customer base prefers to make their purchases on a mobile device. The flexibility and ease of access to a mobile device make it favorable for customers. The current trend has caused a shift, and D2C e-commerce brands are now creating their websites while keeping their usage on mobile devices in focus. 

A mobile-first website makes the experience easy and satisfying for the customers. If the website glitches on a mobile device, then customers are bound to be disappointed and will soon move on to other brands. 

Localizing customer experience

With a website, the world is the oyster for D2C startups. We can expand into global markets and have access to various opportunities. However, these exciting new possibilities also come with their own set of requirements. 

The customer base living in two different regions of the world will not have the same requirements as each other. Therefore, creating a website that adapts to customer needs no matter where they live will have greater success in increasing their customer base. Creating an international sales platform adaptable to various languages, payment methods, and shipping in all regions helps you sell globally. 

Flexible payment options

With a D2C e-commerce website, digital payments are highly in demand. Customers tend to prefer websites that have flexible payment options so that they can use the one they are comfortable with. 

Apart from the traditional methods like using a credit card, there are various other ways like cryptocurrency and digital wallets becoming popular by the day. Therefore, providing a variety of payment options on the e-commerce website also helps customers budget their purchases and increases the possibility for multiple purchases. 

Deep personalization

When customers shop with upcoming D2C brands, they expect a personalized shopping experience. Therefore, using data to customize the experience for the customer increases their satisfaction with the brand and also increases brand loyalty. 

Finding creative ways to personalize the experience for customers helps in keeping the brand successful in the long run. 

Enhanced data security

Cybercrimes are on the rise, and e-commerce websites are a potential goldmine for them. Brands have to pay heavily with their reputation and also money if they are hit by cyber-attacks. The majority of customers stop shopping with a brand if they have encountered a security breach. 

Therefore, it is highly advisable to select a secure web host and platform that can safeguard your customers from cyber-attacks. SSL certificates and expert payment handling instill confidence in customers while shopping with you. 

So, these are some of the features that we feel every D2C e-commerce website absolutely must have. From your experience, what other features have you found essential? 

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