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Do You Really Need to Invest in Application Performance Monitoring Tools? 

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A developer’s worst nightmare is to think they are done with a project and suddenly encounter issues nearing the end. So, instead of focusing on improving the application or moving on to other tasks, they are stuck repairing previous work.  

Now, you can choose to dig a well when you are thirsty, or you could work on preventing such scenarios. An application performance monitoring tool will increase your team’s efficiency and significantly improve the app’s quality. 

APM tools usually conduct tasks like: 

  • Application Diagnostics
  • Bandwidth consumption
  • CPU usage monitoring
  • Application Transaction Tracing
  • Application Architecture Discovery

There can be other features too, but these are some standard features of monitoring tools. These tools also provide timely notifications to stay on top of the app development process. It also provides reports and analyses to help you align your efforts better with the requirements. 

Here are some ways it can prove to be a valuable asset. 

Fixing issues

We have often seen that when you try to fix one issue, you give rise to other issues. It almost feels like a never-ending cycle. APM tools provide comprehensive feedback required to tell you about the potential problems that can arise. Therefore instead of putting bandages wherever the issues occur, you can look at the bigger picture and make better decisions. 

Moreover, fixing issues as quickly as possible reduces downtime. Therefore, your users do not have to suffer because of it. 

Monitoring user experience

Performance monitoring tools analyze the user experience in real-time. It also creates synthetic transaction monitoring. Frontend Monitoring ensures the user experience for PC and mobile users is the best it can be at that instance. It proactively monitors the user experience in real-time. 

Reduces costs

Fixing issues constantly for the same part can be more disastrous for your business than you may have realized. A considerable amount of time, money, and resources is spent on fixing issues. The same time, money, and resources could have been better utilized if they could focus on other new tasks. 

Now, if you want to work on new projects, you will have to spend more money. And then, there can be issues and errors in the new projects as well. All this eats away at your profit margins. 

Performance monitoring tools increase the efficiency of your team. With its holistic approach to fixing bugs, monitoring user experience, and providing detailed reports, these APM tools can protect your business from thinning profits. 

Increases customer trust

Exhausting resources and time is not the only way in which issues in an app affect the profits. All these issues and downtimes related to these issues are going to be frustrating for the customer as well. 

When the app is not working as expected, it will lead to unsatisfied customers, and unsatisfied customers can lead to negative reviews. Moreover, customers could cancel their subscriptions. It can hugely impact the business. 

But, you don’t have to go down this rabbit hole just yet. Investing in monitoring tools can prevent all of this from happening. It’s constant monitoring of the user experience and issues ensures that customers will have the best possible experience with your app. 

So, considering all these aspects, APM tools seem to be a powerful asset. What about you? Have you considered these tools yet? 

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