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Choosing the Right Tech Vendor 101

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Buying new or upgrading an old piece of software is never easy. Some companies have large advisory tech teams that can choose the right one. However, everyone doesn’t have that luxury. In a medium or small business, there are limited resources, and many things must be figured out independently. 

But that is no reason not to find the right software. Therefore, finding a tech vendor that can provide quality and stay within the budget is essential. Here is some advice that can help you in your quest to find a good tech vendor. 

Hidden Cost

It is a key piece of information when it comes to choosing a new vendor. Ensure that you have understood all the costs involved. The subscription rates are often low, but there are fees for ‘add-on services’ or ‘premium services.’ 

In such scenarios, there is a false sense of comfort that the services are less straining. However, in the long term, they appear to be quite expensive. Moreover, see if your vendor is upfront with you about all the costs. It can be a good filtering process to find out which tech vendor is right for you. 

Trial Period

A trial period is a must, especially when the software or the tech vendor is new. If you are going ahead with someone, you need to discuss a probation period. A trial period is highly beneficial. Despite all your research, it is still possible that the vendor is not the right fit for you.

You can gauge whether all your requirements are met during a trial period. If you are satisfied during that time, then you can go ahead; if not, you can break it off and find a different vendor.   


Before picking the right software for you, you need to verify if the software is secure. Software with standard certifications like ISO 27001, SOC type 1 and 2, and more are good signs that it is secure. It is a big tick for the vendor if they can provide software with standardized security. 

Work Culture

There are many good tech vendors, but it’s not necessary that all of them are meant for you. The job of a tech vendor is not just to meet your business requirements, but it is more than that. Take a look at the vendor’s process. 

Try to understand their process. For this, you can also go through their testimonials and feedback. When discussing with their team, see if they are compatible with your team. Check whether they can communicate efficiently and transparently. All these factors can decide whether you can work with the tech vendor cohesively. 

Data processing agreements

When a tech vendor is providing software, see if they will have access to your client’s personal data. And if they will have access, then ensure that you sign a Data Processing Agreement with them to protect the client’s sensitive data. 

You need to discuss in detail and get all the measures the tech vendor will take to protect your client’s confidentiality. Once you’re satisfied with all the measures, then you can go ahead. 

So, these are some of the pointers we found helpful while dealing with tech vendors. According to your experience, what tips have helped in finding the right vendor? 

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