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Check Out These Different Types of Business Pitches

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The development of a pitch deck has become crucial to the company, particularly in the startup industry. Regardless of their business’s genre or size, every entrepreneur or businessperson will probably need to make a pitch at some point. Depending on your aim, audience, delivery technique, and objectives, there are various business pitches kinds available. You must first determine the following before you can start constructing your own business presentation:

To whom is the pitch directed?

What is the pitch’s objective?

Is the pitch taking place in person or online?

It will be simpler to determine your pitch type once you have provided answers to these questions.

Investor pitch

An investor pitch takes place during the initial stage of funding with a possible investor, which is crucial in the startup industry. Your PowerPoint deck should explain your business concept and persuade potential investors to fund your venture. 

The value proposition for your company, a revenue projection, and a breakdown of the finances should also be included.

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch can be given during the elevator journey, as the name suggests. You have one minute to describe your company, your good or service, and even your entrepreneurial skills. This kind of pitch needs to be succinct, convincing, and feature a strong call to action.

Sales pitch

The major goal here is to convince the audience of the value of your good or service and convince them to take the desired action. 

Depending on your target audience and aim, these pitches may vary in length and style. A sales deck should include an overview of your good or service, a value proposition, real-world business examples, and a clear call to action.

Product pitch

This is more of a sales pitch in that it concentrates on one particular product. A brief overview of the product, the market opportunity, a competitive analysis, and prospective revenue are typically included in a product pitch deck. 

It should then go into greater detail about defining a problem, outlining the features of your solution, and describing how the product will address your customer’s issue.

Twitter pitch

The Twitter pitch, which is now popular, condenses your business concept into one or two sentences. In the era of social media, writing a pitch in 280 characters has gained popularity. The Twitter pitch, a contemporary update on the elevator pitch, is even quicker and shorter.

The cold call pitch

Despite the prevalence of messaging apps, phone calls are still made and don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Cold call pitches still need to be refined because of this. It’s frequently a person’s first interaction with your brand, and we all know how crucial first impressions are to sales.

When making a cold call, avoid beginning by saying, “Hello, I wanted to chat with you about our product and its amazing benefits.” Let’s face it; no one likes a hard sell. 

Instead, use a dialogical strategy. Honor their time.

Do they appear hurried, are they preoccupied at work, or do they excuse themselves from a conversation at this time? Call them again at a time that works for them.

So, these are some of the types of pitches. Which one do you think you need to prepare the most right now?

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