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Building The Startup Dream Team- Qualities To Look For In An Employee

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Your ability to put together the greatest talent possible will hugely affect the future of your business. According to a recent CB Insights report, 14% of businesses fail because the wrong people are on the team.

Your business has a rare chance because of the enormous number of unemployed job seekers currently on the market and the numerous others looking for new career opportunities elsewhere. Here’s how to build your startup’s dream team when you’re ready.

Qualities to look for in an employee

Be sure to keep the following qualities in mind as you begin your search for the ideal worker to aid in the growth of your company.


You’ll need individuals that are passionate about finding solutions to the issues that your business and audience face. When they run across dead ends at work, they won’t be demoralized. In fact, even when it seems unattainable, they will persist in the pursuit of their objectives.

In a workplace where you won’t always have the resources to produce your best work, this quality is extremely crucial. Innovative workers will still find a way to get by. You need to be able to trust them to handle your organization because they have what it takes to succeed. 


Working for a startup is not for the timid. There’s always a danger that your efforts may fail or that the business will change course to seize a different opportunity. The correct course of action is never obvious, and it takes perseverance and bravery to move forward in spite of this uncertainty.

Your first employees must be able to go past the disappointment of failing and try again, regardless of how many times they have to start again since you may have to do so hundreds of times.

Understand your vision and mission

Finding people who match your beliefs is essential because working at a startup is much harder than working at an established business. These employees aren’t just there to pick up a paycheck; they want to come to work every day. They are eager to support the objectives of your business since they share your convictions.

This implies that you should stay away from those who act in the opposite way. People who don’t respect the work that your organization does can harm the other members of your team. The worst-case scenario is that they’ll hinder your team’s ability to generate high-quality work and drive some members to resign.

It’s easy to teach someone abilities they don’t already possess, but it’s much more difficult to modify a bad attitude.


Having a varied staff makes it easier for your business to come up with fresh, original solutions since it brings different perspectives and ideas together. In your strategy for resolving the issues of your audience, you’ll also steer clear of blind spots and weak places.

In fact, Deloitte discovered that a variety of thoughts can boost innovation by up to 20%. According to a 2015 McKinsey analysis, increasing diversity also increases revenues.

The ideal candidates could provide abilities, perspectives, and applications that completely alter how your startup functions.

So, this is what we want to look for in an employee. However, this is just one side of the coin. Only finding good talent is enough, it is important to be a good place for the talent to stay. In the next article, let us see what employers can do on their part to build the dream team. 

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