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Best Order Management Systems in 2022

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For ecommerce businesses, getting orders is the most crucial part of it all. They are the entities that generate revenue for the company. So, handling and managing the orders well is very important for great customer service as well as for the biz. In the beginning, if there are fewer orders, then managing them manually is okay. But, once the number of orders increases, it gets difficult to handle it well.

Missing out on orders or delays in orders because of mismanagement can cost the business more than simply the price of the order placed. One can lose customers and even get negative reviews for the store. And none of these things are helpful to the brand in any way. Therefore, it is wise to invest in an order management system to handle all the orders.       

Here are some of the best tools for order management you can choose from.


It is a cloud0ased order management as well as inventory management solution. It can handle orders across multiple channels. It helps in controlling incoming orders and completing them efficiently. It has a centralized order management system. It generates labels, integrates payments, and tracks orders. 

All these features make it easy for store owners to handle a large flow of orders and help in staying on top of the day-to-day business activities. 


This is one of the most famous management systems in the industry. It is popular among ecommerce stores for its order management software’s performance. The software is robust and has many features that make handling orders easy. 

It provides omnichannel selling for physical and online stores. It can manage accounts, inventory, and sales channels. Store owners can keep track of all their orders on a single screen. 


The aim of TradeGecko is to provide an order management system that will help ecommerce stores sell better. This platform can sync all data related to customers, warehouses, and inventory on one platform. It also provides order management for multiple platforms. 

Not only that, but it also provides insights and reports on orders. It is helpful in forecasting demand and serving customers better. It also enables wholesale order management.

This tool provides software that can integrate all aspects of order management. Some of the features of are order allocation, stock management, order capturing, and multiple-channel processing.

It can look after orders of various businesses like stock and ship, drop shipping, manufacturer, and ship, and assemble and ship businesses. It also makes keeping track of all orders by presenting them in one place. 


Shiprocket helps in shipping orders with various courier partners. With Shiprocket users can directly connect with these courier services. It offers shipping in more than 220+ countries and for more than 26k pin codes. 

Ecommerce stores can integrate 15 sales channels into this platform. Some of the channels included are Magneto, Amazon India, Shopify, etc. All orders can be synced to the platform, and it auto-generates labels as well. 

So, these are some of the best order management systems out there. Which of these have you used, and what was your experience? 

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