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Best Inventory Management Systems in 2022

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When startups start scaling, it is not possible to look after inventory manually and efficiently. When the demand starts increasing, managing inventory sourcing, storage, etc., can become more and more challenging. 

Therefore, in order to keep up with the growing businesses and to replenish the purchases as per the purchasing history, inventory management software comes into the picture. So, here are some of the best inventory management systems in 2022. 

Zoho Inventory

It is one of the most trusted inventory management systems for ecommerce businesses. It facilitates tracking of inter-warehouse transfers, batch tracing, and for item grouping. With Zoho, you can significantly reduce stockouts. 

It has special features for tracking and grouping items from multiple warehouses. Along with that, Zoho also maintains an order history to keep a check on unpaid bills. It also provides automatic price listings to manage vendors. 


It is an inventory management software that also provides multiple integrations and tools to manage sales, orders, and shipping. Veeqo helps in multichannel inventory syncing, inventory forecasting, and advanced order management. 

With the inventory forecasting feature, ecommerce businesses can make data-driven decisions. It also provides reports, financial information, and historical stock. It also has reports to analyze the performance of the warehouse teams. 


The BigCommerce software provides a platform with an agile environment to sell products across multiple channels. The tool supports flexible API, storefront conversions, and much more. It increases efficiency and enhances checkout experiences. BigCommerce also has a single panel with various features to manage selling across various platforms. 

Apart from that, it provides theme customization and customer segmentation support. It also offers an option to switch storefronts for a cross-channel commerce experience. 


CaptainBiz specializes in inventory management services for small and micro businesses. It does regular stock checks and makes business operations streamlined. It has a built-in barcode scanner for fast and accurate tracking of the inventory. 

It also has real-time inventory checks to facilitate purchasing and selling. Moreover, it keeps track of the input and output movement of the stock. 


This software can automate inventory management along with the automation of supply chain orders, logistics, and delivery. If an ecommerce business is bulk selling, then Browntape’s centralized inventory management is a good way to manage it. It also provides multi-warehouse integration with support for bin/rack/aisle. It also has a simple tracking system for all payments. 

It is a good option for online stores that have to manage bulk orders and need to keep track of many items in the inventory.


Web-Cart provides a tool for managing many vendors and stores at a time. The tool provides features to organize and edit the products for catalog management. Businesses can also view tier pending orders. This also helps in keeping track of the inventory. Users can switch between different stores. 

Web-Cart also supports various payment methods. Moreover, there are user-friendly URLs and SEO settings for better ranking on search engines. 

So, these are some of the best inventory management systems in 2022. Which one is your go-to tool? 

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