Avoid These Mistakes While Building an EdTech Platform

EdTech happens to be one of the leading and challenging industries. It is always in high demand, and venture capitalists are eager to invest in the sector. Especially with the growing comfort of online learning, edtech portals are gaining more and more traction.  Entrepreneurs make many mistakes along the way, even successful ones. What matters is what we learned from them. Even in the edtech industry, everyone doesn’t have the same journey, but there are some common mistakes many of them make.  Now, let’s see some of the most significant mistakes you can avoid while building an edtech platform.  Inadequate […]

Key Features Every EdTech Portal Should Have 

EdTech websites are perhaps one of the trickiest websites to create. There are so many aspects to the website students, teachers, course material, videos, etc. That’s not it. All these factors have their own specific needs as well as overlapping needs. And that is the reason why many edtech portals are not successful and soon become irrelevant.  If you’re thinking of starting an edtech portal, then don’t worry. Even if it may be a bit tricky, you can still create a high-quality website. And here are all the features you need to ensure your website has.  Strong search function People […]

Common Myths About Progressive Web Apps Busted!

Progressive web apps are a relatively new technology. People are still getting acquainted with its features. Now every new bit of technology has its limitations. However, more often than none, we are unaware of the real limitations and fall trap to misconceptions and rumors. And because of these said misconceptions, we often steer away from the actual product.  But, not to worry! We are here to analyze some of the common myths and try to uncover the truth about PWAs. Myth: PWAs work well only on mobiles That is far from the truth. PWA is definitely developed with a mobile-first […]

Who is Using Progressive Web Apps in 2022? 

Progressive web applications are all the hype right now. Many websites across various industries are trying to keep up with the new standards, that is, the PWAs, to significantly boost their performance.  The PWA technology aims to deliver a high level of performance in any network condition. They are fast, reliable, and increase customer engagement. These app-like websites are alluring to many business owners, and many are making the switch.  Here are some of the best examples of progressive web apps in 2022.  Starbucks The goal was to create a user-friendly online ordering system for their customers. That is why […]

Will Progressive Web Apps Replace Native Apps? 

Progressive web apps have made a place for themselves in today’s market, and it looks like they are here to stay. PWAs provide an app-like experience on a web browser. They have many benefits. But, on the other side, native apps are still relevant and surpass progressive web applications in some aspects.  As of now, we haven’t seen everything that PWAs are capable of. But it is making everyone wonder whether they are going to replace native apps in the near future. Well, let’s see if that is possible.  Good for the business Customers seem to prefer a mobile-first experience […]

How is a Progressive Web App Different than a Native App for Developers? 

The progressive web applications are changing the way we look at apps and websites. Many are wondering whether they going to replace native apps. In our previous blog, we have seen how they are different from a user’s perspective. And today, let’s see how they are different from a developer’s perspective.  Different languages Native apps are specifically written to run on mobile devices, whereas PWAs are developed to run on browsers. So, native apps are developed by using different languages compatible with each platform i.e., Objective-C and Swift for iOS and Java for Android. But for progressive web apps, languages […]

How is a Progressive Web App Different than a Native App for Users? 

The progressive web applications are all the hype right now. For businesses, the apps have become an irreplaceable tool in their kit. They greatly benefit from a good working app that shows results. A progressive web app is a combo of native apps and a website. But how exactly are they different from native apps?  Now, there are two perspectives, one from the user’s perspective and one from the developer’s perspective. Let’s check out both.  PWA vs Native Apps  Installation How many apps do users download on a daily basis? Most of the time, none. Users don’t go downloading apps […]

Advantages of PWA and Whom Does it Benefit? 

Progressive web applications are the leading contenders to being the future of app and web development. These PWAs have completely changed the way we think about creating websites and apps. It is the solution that is currently the best solution we have for the mobile-first age we are living in.  Now, we know that it is revolutionary in the tech industry. However, whom does it benefit? Is it beneficial to the users who can experience quality software tools? Or is it beneficial to businesses that can boost their sales and increase engagement with their clients? Or is it actually the […]

Beginner’s Guide to Progressive Web Application

Google introduced us to Progressive web apps. And now, everyone is eager to use it. They have gained huge popularity among companies like Pinterest, OLX, Aliexpress, Trivago, Forbes, etc. These companies have begun testing the actual capabilities of the progressive web app technology.  But, first things first, What is PWA?  A progressive web app is a web application that can be used as both a mobile page and a web page for any device. A PWA is fast, increases engagement, and is highly reliable. It is created by fulfilling the requirements on Google’s checklist.  So basically, they are apps that […]

Top E-Commerce Websites in India

The Indian e-commerce industry is rapidly progressing. Many companies have been able to achieve outstanding results in a short span of time. One of the factors contributing to the whopping number of internet connections in India was the Digital India program and other initiatives by the government that has facilitated the building of an e-commerce business.  Over the years, customers have shifted from going to the stores to enjoying the flexibility and comfort of shopping from home. With its current growth rate, the Indian e-commerce industry is projected to become a $200 billion industry by 2026. Currently, there are more […]