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Signs That Your Agile Development Method Is A Success- Part 1

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The agile development methodology has many benefits. And many companies are trying to implement it today. Now, only implementation is never enough. We need to know if what we have implemented is actually working or not. 

Here, we will see how we can find out whether our process is working or not. 

On-time delivery

With agile, our scope is flexible while our timeframe is set. How does that relate to being on time? Since time just passes, we are, in theory, always on time. On-time delivery is, however, typically evaluated in light of the expected content of the delivery.

Product Quality

Customer happiness, revenue growth, and the technical components of testing carried out throughout the development life cycle are some of the common ways that quality is monitored. We’ll examine our efficiency in producing functional software with built-in quality when working with agile software development teams. 

Since continuous testing and inspection are intimately coupled throughout the development lifecycle, we will constantly track testing trends in addition to checking the build and code quality.

User satisfaction

There are various ways to evaluate the results, just like with all of these advantages. They include examining the Net Promoter score, sales figures, the ratio of support calls to features delivered in a certain time frame, or usage data for a product’s or website’s functionalities in the case of customer/user happiness.

Before starting the work, you can have some specific parameters in mind to determine what will be considered user satisfaction. And over time, you can find out whether you are on track for that metric. 

Business value

 A number of Agile Manifesto principles stress the significance of producing business value. When we are aware that there is a contract for work to be completed or that there is a requirement for compliance with fines if the task is not completed, measuring business value is extremely explicit. 

On the other side, estimating value is occasionally speculative or prospective in that market inputs influence judgments and the value is frequently the best guess. Value can be determined by applying a business value score to the features that will be delivered. 

Product scope

Establishing a goal for what has to be accomplished over the following three months, monitoring progress, and completing it is all highly rewarding. Everyone on the team, from the engineers to the program managers, benefits from getting real-time input regarding the status of the task. 

You can always rely on burndown charts when working on agile software development projects, or you can simply watch the cards on the project kanban board move from left to right to see how things are progressing.

For now, these are the parameters you can test to find out whether your agile development process is working or not. There are more parameters for us to check out. But, not in this blog. Stay tuned for part 2 and find out whether you are running a successful agile development team or not! 

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