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Advantages of PWA and Whom Does it Benefit? 

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Progressive web applications are the leading contenders to being the future of app and web development. These PWAs have completely changed the way we think about creating websites and apps. It is the solution that is currently the best solution we have for the mobile-first age we are living in. 

Now, we know that it is revolutionary in the tech industry. However, whom does it benefit? Is it beneficial to the users who can experience quality software tools? Or is it beneficial to businesses that can boost their sales and increase engagement with their clients? Or is it actually the developers whose lives have become easier with progressive web apps? 

The short answer is all of them. That’s right, everyone benefits from these PWAs, and here’s how. 

For users

  • Users enjoy the short loading time. Most users are disappointed when they have to wait too long for web pages or apps to download. 
  • Users can’t guarantee that they are going to have a strong network wherever they go. However, since progressive web apps work seamlessly even in bad network areas, users can have a smooth experience. 
  • Users can utilize the app-like features like push notifications, shortcut to home screens, and more with PWAs. 
  • With websites that have the functionality of apps, users can avoid app aggregators like App Store or Google Play. 

For businesses

  • A progressive web app is easy to update, and it can take more time and effort to release these updates than a traditional app marketplace. 
  • For businesses, maintaining a connection with their clients is always important. And when a progressive web application can have a home screen and notification access, maintaining regular communication becomes easy and effective. 
  • PWA makes for smooth and effective communication with users, something that traditional websites couldn’t achieve properly.  
  • With a PWA, the UX can be really sophisticated and high-quality. It keeps the users engaged and also increases conversion rates. 
  • Moreover, faster loading times are not just advantageous for users but also great for businesses. They significantly reduce server loads and reduce the possibility of a crash. It also doesn’t slow down the website when there is high traffic. For example, when there is a sale for a limited time period. 
  • When customers are not forced to download an app through an app store, they are much more likely to download it from the browser. 
  • Removing the necessity of the middleman also reduces the acquisition cost. 
  • PWAs are smaller and have a faster installation process. It makes user onboarding from the website to an app more successful and improves the ROI significantly. 
  • Cost reduction also occurs as having a PWA means having one website that can be used as a regular website on desktops, and mobile website on mobile devices, and a multi-platform app. So, there is no need for deploying, testing, and building different apps at the same time. 

For developers

  • Developers can have a modern web and app development approach.
  • With PWAs, developers can now consider working with a headless architecture. 
  • They do not have to create the same app for different platforms. 
  • Paid developer accounts of App Store or Google Play can be avoided. 
  • Developers have backend independence with PWA solutions. 

So, these are some of the benefits of having PWAs, according to us. What are some of the biggest advantages of incorporating PWAs for you? 

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