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A Guide to Startup Funding for Mobile Apps

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Finding an app idea that you can get on board with is not as easy as it sounds. However, a crucial part of the struggle is everything that comes after it. One of the most important requirements is raising funds. 

Startup funding can be quite confusing and overwhelming if we don’t know where to start, how to start, and what needs to be done to raise funding for a startup business. But, not to worry. Here you can find everything you will need leading up to the startup process and get answers to some of the most common and essential questions people have throughout the journey. 

How much money does my startup actually need?

Before we run off to raise startup funding, we need to think about how much we exactly require. Proper budget planning helps in avoiding any surprises along the way. The funding is required to last you at least till you start making a sizeable profit from your app that can sustain your business and then some more. 

So, you need to have funding not only for developing the app but for marketing, market research, and everything that can come before and after an app launch. How well you plan your budget goes a long way in deciding how efficiently you’ll be able to utilize the funds you receive.  

What do I need in order to get startup funding? 

Before you seek funding for a startup business, you need to ensure that you have done all the preparations you can to make your app startup strong enough that investors would be confident to fund your app. 

  • Check whether your app is actually solving a problem in the market or not. If not, then customers won’t be willing to use it, and if there is no one lining up to get your app, then the investors are not going to be that keen to invest in you. 
  • Furthermore, having a Minimum Viable Product helps a lot in the funding process. When the investors can actually experience your product, they will trust you and your startup more. An MVP is also helpful in getting the customer’s point of view on the app. 
  • Knowing how to pitch an app and having an in-depth knowledge of the market also goes a long way. For your potential investors, the app will be what you can tell them about it. When you have a product and detailed research of what the market wants and how it works, it will help tip the scales to your side. 

What are the ways in which I can get funding?

There are many ways in which you can receive funding for your apps. Here are some of them: 

  • Seed funding:

 It is usually the first step in startup funding for many businesses. Angel investors usually do not have a lot of control over the business; on the other hand, venture capitalists may ask for more controlling rights in your startup. So, you can choose as per your convenience.

  • Loans: 

Personal and business loans can always help; all you would need is collateral to start the process faster.  

  • Crowdfunding: 

Many investors will pitch in small amounts of money. These campaigns are usually done online, and in return for their funding, startups can give shares in their business or something similar. 

So, these are some of the frequent questions arising while raising startup funding. What are some of the problems you’ve faced on this journey? 

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