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7 Examples of Excellent Product Roadmaps

product roadmap examples
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Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a strategic tool designed to communicate the vision, direction, and priorities for one or more products or product lines. It is an effective communication device between product managers and cross-functional teams so they can remain focused on providing their customers with valuable features that truly matter. A product roadmap typically contains timelines, release plans, feature prioritization processes, and product strategies that outline goals and objectives related to that particular product or line of products.

Examples of Engaging Product Roadmaps:

1. Software Product Roadmaps:

Software product roadmaps are widely used in the tech industry to outline software product features, updates, and releases. Companies like Microsoft and Adobe utilize roadmaps to efficiently show off their plans for product development and feature launches.

2. Release plans:

Release plans provide product managers and cross-functional teams with a roadmap that ensures feature releases occur on time. They help keep teams on track so their product releases as scheduled.

3. Sprint Planning Roadmaps:

Agile development employs sprint planning roadmaps to outline their goals and objectives for each sprint, helping teams stay on target and quickly deliver the most beneficial features.

4. Feature Timeline Roadmaps:

Feature timeline roadmaps provide a visual way for product managers and cross-functional teams to plan the release of features over time, keeping everyone focused and on track toward providing customers with the most valuable experiences.

5. Objectives Timeline Roadmap:

Objectives timeline roadmaps effectively align product development processes with overall business goals and objectives, helping ensure that their creation corresponds with company-wide priorities and goals.

6. Kanban Roadmaps:

Kanban roadmaps provide teams with an efficient visual tool to visualize their product development process on a Kanban board, helping them stay organized and on track toward creating the most valuable features.

7. Now-next-later roadmaps:

Now-next-later roadmaps provide product managers and cross-functional teams a tool to prioritize and visualize features planned to be released in the short, medium, and long terms. This approach helps teams stay aligned and focused on providing customers with value features.

Why Are Product Roadmaps Needed?

Product roadmaps can serve several functions.

  • First, they ensure the development process aligns with overall business objectives.
  • Second, they help product managers and cross-functional teams stay aligned and focused on providing customers with features they value most quickly and reliably.
  • Product roadmaps help teams stay organized in delivering these features timely.
  • Product roadmaps help communicate the product development process to stakeholders and customers.
  • Product roadmaps are an essential tool for product managers and cross-functional teams in the product development process, helping ensure it aligns with overall business goals and that customers promptly receive their most desired features.
  • By prioritizing features, outlining timelines, and communicating product development processes and information to stakeholders, product roadmaps help teams to achieve product excellence while satisfying customer needs.


Overall, an effective product roadmap is invaluable to any product manager or maker seeking product excellence. By outlining product strategy, release timelines, and objectives in detail, a roadmap can help align cross-functional teams, ensure timely feature deliveries, and drive business success.

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FAQs on Product Roadmap

1. Who Creates the Product Roadmap?

In general, product managers collaborate with various cross-functional teams to create the PRL.

2. How often should the product roadmap be updated?

A product roadmap should be regularly revised according to its needs in the development process, usually once every quarter.

3. How should we prioritize features on a product roadmap?

Priorities can be established using customer needs, business objectives, technical feasibility, and market trends as primary criteria.

4. How can product roadmaps be communicated to stakeholders and customers?

Product roadmaps may be communicated to stakeholders and customers through presentations, meetings, email updates, or online tools such as Jira or Trello.

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