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Revamping Your Hiring Strategy After Funding- Part 1
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Even though gaining funding is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a startup, it does divert attention for a while. Obtaining funds, completing the documentation, and making sure everything is in order might take weeks or even months. 

However, you cannot afford to allow it to occur if you are under a deadline (like most startups). While you are looking for funding, you must find a strategy to maintain your workflow. This frequently entails hiring new personnel.

When it comes to hiring, startups in their early stages frequently run into issues. They frequently struggle to discover the ideal applicant quickly due to their significant initial investment. Therefore, here are some ways in which we can speed up the hiring process. 

Before we go into how to revamp the process, let us ponder over these questions

Why is it taking so long? 

The hiring procedure in your company is obviously unstructured if it takes months to find a new employee. Look more closely at each level of the hiring process to ensure that it aims to find talent rather than just fill open positions.

Do I have a proper structure in place?

Many outdated behavioral interview questions, including “What are your greatest talents and weaknesses?” are still used in many traditional hiring procedures. However, most of the time, these kinds of inquiries don’t provide helpful insight into a candidate’s aptitudes. To learn more about potential employees’ critical-thinking capabilities, technological aptitude, and interpersonal abilities, it is preferable to immerse them in novel environments.

Now, once we are done with these questions, let’s move on to making the process faster. 

Build a catchy brand

Your cause will surely benefit from building a strong employer brand with a consistent mission, values, culture, and employee benefits. This is a result of the expectation that job applicants of all generations will look at an employer’s social media profiles before applying for a position. This is a great chance to positively market your business culture and enhance your standing as an attractive employer.

Create engaging recruitment content, then share it on all the appropriate social media platforms. 70% of the highly qualified candidates for your open position are passive job seekers. Distribute recruitment-related content to spark the interest of these interested but passive prospects.

To the point candidate profiles

The hiring process becomes more challenging when you are unsure of the qualities you are looking for in a candidate. Creating suitable prospect profiles is the first step in smart recruiting. It contains a thorough description of the ideal applicant for a position that is open at your company.

Making a candidate profile is easy. You can look into several aspects of your company and include them in the final profile. Establish the culture of your business and create a list of the qualities that are highly regarded there. Include the skills necessary to cooperate with the team they will simultaneously join.

Find the right paces for candidate sourcing

Finding out where prospects are finding your company and open positions has become more challenging than ever, making it challenging to decide which recruiting channels to prioritize in order to access the largest potential pool. 

You should continue to concentrate on the majority of them, even though the answer is neither clear nor ideal. There are many ways to reach candidates, so you must continue to reach out to them wherever they are if you want to stay competitive in the recruiting market.

So, these are just a few of the ways in which we can speed up the hiring process. Stay tuned for part two!

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