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Surefire Ways To Nurture Your Small-Business Reputation Online- Part 2
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In the previous article, we saw the following ways of maintaining an online reputation: 

  • Keep an eye out for mentions of your business
  • Maintain your tone on social media platforms
  • Produce good content
  • Tackle poor press, don’t run from it

Now, let’s jump where we left off. 

Have clear morals

A good way to maintain and protect an online reputation is to refrain from unethical acts and behaviors. While corporate ethics extend beyond your online presence, they can be considerably harder to manage and control. A flurry of public complaints, an unwise employee social media post, or an unfavorable news piece can all swiftly become viral.

Therefore, pay special attention to the culture and goals of your company. Make sure it is then accurately portrayed in your online communications and relationships.

Avoid being tagged in harmful posts

The web’s foundational concept of social sharing gives practically everyone access to potent tools for uploading content they believe is pertinent to your company. Although it’s fantastic for authenticity and audience participation, you might not always want to be connected to the material.

You can attempt a few different things to control situations like these. To begin with, you can make direct requests to have the content or tag removed. On some platforms, you can change your privacy settings to make it necessary for users to approve any affiliation with your company. Finally, to maintain its prominence, you can continuously upload your own on-brand content.

Adhere to proper verification

Before pressing the “share” or “comment” buttons, be sure your behavior is in line with your brand. As a general rule, refrain from using social media when you’re angry, and no matter your privacy settings, refrain from disparaging coworkers, business partners, or clients.

To retain the strength of your brand, make sure to spell-check all of your comments and articles. Finally, keep in mind that anything you share online serves as a representation of you to the world.

Get anchor links

A significant passage of text that displays as a hyperlink on your website is known as an anchor text. Generally speaking, getting links to your website is beneficial for numerous factors, including SEO. The more websites link to you, the better your exposure is, and the more reputable you are on Google.

Links improve your website’s credibility and polish in addition to attracting direct traffic. You can obtain these naturally by carrying out some of the earlier instructions in this article or by going out and looking for them. Expect to observe gradual improvements in your internet reputation over time, as both approaches require time.


Partnerships are a fantastic method to establish your authority and create relationships. It could be as simple as asking for a specific quote in your writing, or it could be something more major like inviting the expert to come as a guest at a seminar you’ve organized.

There are many ways to get in touch with important industry leaders. You can use social networking sites like LinkedIn and others to build a professional online network, go to conferences and courses, etc. 

With these pointers, we come to an end with the ways in which we can protect and manage our online reputation. If focusing on maintaining an online reputation is getting tougher, we can also opt for specialists who can take care of these aspects for us. 

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