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How To Get Feedback On Your Business Pitch?- Part 2
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Previously, in the series of getting feedback on your business pitch, we saw why it is important to get feedback and some of the ways in which we can do so. Now, let us look at the remaining ways and some more!

A coworking space

Coworking spaces have several advantages, including the ability to network, forge contacts, and, yes, receive feedback. They also provide you with a place to work away from home, which is sometimes a “must” for young businesses who don’t yet have an office.

You’ll be able to network, communicate with possible mentors, and spread the news about your company. Additionally, you’ll be able to solicit input from a range of sources, including potential clients and investors.

Be part of a competition

Competitions for business plans and pitches are excellent places to get focused, pertinent feedback since you are putting yourself in a situation where receiving feedback, rather than receiving cash, is the primary objective (though plenty of competitions do include a monetary prize).

Ask your friends and family

Your product concept should be explained in words that even a young child can grasp. Even though you are passionate about your startup and are well-versed in every aspect of it, your investors might not be.

Giving your presentation to those who are not familiar with your sector is a terrific approach to finding any gaps in your explanation of your company. It’s crucial to be as comprehensive as possible while pitching your business since even if you may believe something is clear, individuals who aren’t as familiar with your sector might not. 

You don’t want to miss out on an investor because they are unsure of what your product or service does, after all.

Where do you need feedback on your business pitch? 

You should be aware of the kind of input you’re looking for from whomever you ask to examine your pitch before you ask them. 

This will guarantee that they pay attention to particular portions of your pitch and respond to any unanswered queries you may have. Here are a few things to think about concentrating on.

The overall effect

You want it to still be fashionable and hold your audience’s attention. However, you must take into account the readability of your slides, how they relate to the narrative you are telling, and how they express your brand’s primary message.


The pitch deck you use to present to investors should be concise and easy to understand. You might think about including an additional appendix with your business plan that investors can review later. However, while presenting, it must be concise and not just a repeat of what you want to discuss verbally.

Mystery points

Not adding the appropriate information in your pitch is one of the major problems you might overlook. Your pitch can be destroyed by a hole in your plan, a lack of a description of how you intend to use the money, or even an unclear target audience.

What is the best feedback you could get? 

There isn’t one “right” way to test your pitch before presenting your company to potential investors. Therefore, that is a trick question. Try a combination of these, as that will give you the most comprehensive, well-rounded feedback.

Getting input from a variety of sources is a wonderful approach to ensure that you have covered all of your bases, that your calculations add up, and that your ideas are understandable and clear.

So, that’s all about getting feedback on your business pitch. What other things have you found helpful while getting reviews on your feedback pitch? 

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