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Part 1: How to Assess Your EdTech Platform?
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Creating an edtech startup is not an easy feat. And once you’re done, you might think it’s all over, but that’s just where it begins. Once you’ve built an edtech portal, the next order of business is assessing the platform. 

Evaluating the platform helps in understanding whether it is built up to the standard. Also, assessing helps in understanding how the users might perceive it. Here are some pointers on how to review an edtech platform. Since there are many factors to check, let’s divide it into two parts. 


It is one of the most basic yet crucial things startups need to consider while assessing the product. We need to consider how much utility the product is providing its users. Checking the functionality helps in understanding whether it meets the goals you had considered at the beginning of product development. 

Some basic functions necessary in an edtech portal are lecture streaming, online tests, and automated attendance. Now, not all edtech platforms may have these features, but if these don’t exist, you can check similar ones. 


You can create the best edtech portal there ever was, but it won’t mount to anything if it is not accessible. Accessibility doesn’t just refer to affordability. Instead, it means addressing the key requirements of a variety of users. 

The more hassles and limitations there are to using the tool, the it keeps becoming less accessible. For example, if some hi-tech software or equipment is required to properly use the tool, then many users might opt out of it as it isn’t feasible for them. In such scenarios, the startup tends to lose a lot of customer base. And in the end, the company may not earn as much profit as it would have with more accessibility. 


The basis of any edtech portal is the technical part of it. If there are too many glitches while using the product, then users might be highly encouraged to leave. Having seasoned teachers and experts as part of your team is definitely a must. However, the technical aspect is just as crucial. 

If the edtech portal has connectivity issues, software issues, or hardware issues, then educators’ expertise is not helpful in retaining customers. For an effective online learning tool, both the education and technical aspects of it need to be looked after

Ease of Usage

Usually, the users accessing an edtech portal are learners looking to enhance their knowledge. However, if it gets difficult for them to interact with the portal, they will soon find other options to learn. A complex design and difficult-to-navigate website may attract users, but it won’t make them stick with you. 

However, when using the edtech tools feels intuitive, it actually provides value to the user. A proper navigation system for the edtech portal is essential. Without it, users might not find what they are looking for or might even reach the wrong pages. It can get frustrating and then can lead to the abandonment of the portal. 

So, these are some of the factors based on which you can conduct an assessment for your website. Stay tuned for the rest of them!

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