Best Inventory Management Systems in 2022

2 minutes Read When startups start scaling, it is not possible to look after inventory manually and efficiently. When the demand starts increasing, managing inventory sourcing, storage, etc., can become more and more challenging.  Therefore, in order to keep up with the growing businesses and to replenish the purchases as per the purchasing history, inventory management software comes into the picture. So, here are some of the best inventory management systems in 2022.  Zoho Inventory It is one of the most trusted inventory management systems for ecommerce businesses. It facilitates tracking of inter-warehouse transfers, batch tracing, and for item grouping. With Zoho, you […]

Best Order Management Systems in 2022

2 minutes Read For ecommerce businesses, getting orders is the most crucial part of it all. They are the entities that generate revenue for the company. So, handling and managing the orders well is very important for great customer service as well as for the biz. In the beginning, if there are fewer orders, then managing them manually is okay. But, once the number of orders increases, it gets difficult to handle it well. Missing out on orders or delays in orders because of mismanagement can cost the business more than simply the price of the order placed. One can lose customers and […]

Various Methods for Inventory Management in Ecommerce Stores

2 minutes Read For an ecommerce business to be successful, there are various factors involved. For example, a good website, a shipping system, and an inventory management system as well. Keeping track of the location and number of items available in the store.  However, many times ecommerce business owners don’t invest in inventory management systems while trying to cut costs. But, this tends to harm the store as the system helps streamline the warehouse and helps in making better financial decisions.  Naturally, not every way of managing an inventory suits everyone. Every business has unique needs, and those require different inventory management strategies. […]

Part 2: How to Assess Your EdTech Platform? 

2 minutes Read Evaluating your edtech platform maintains high quality in every aspect. It can become confusing or daunting when there are so many features to check. However, carefully segregating the edtech tool’s features into various factors helps in staying on top of the process.  In Part 1, we saw the factors; functionality, accessibility, and technicality. Now, let’s see the rest of them.  Scalability For an edtech portal, flexibility is important. There can be large classes or small group tasks. And the online tool needs to be able to scale according to the current need of the user. EdTech startups are required to […]

Part 1: How to Assess Your EdTech Platform?

2 minutes Read Creating an edtech startup is not an easy feat. And once you’re done, you might think it’s all over, but that’s just where it begins. Once you’ve built an edtech portal, the next order of business is assessing the platform.  Evaluating the platform helps in understanding whether it is built up to the standard. Also, assessing helps in understanding how the users might perceive it. Here are some pointers on how to review an edtech platform. Since there are many factors to check, let’s divide it into two parts.  Functionality It is one of the most basic yet crucial things […]

How To Go About Starting An EdTech Company? 

2 minutes Read EdTech companies are bringing innovation to the traditional classroom teaching paradigm. It is bringing the education sector up to par with the other industries. In recent years, we found out that classroom teaching can be enhanced by mixing innovative tech with it.  The market is ripe for new edtech brands, and here’s how you can go about starting one.  Validate your idea Before rushing to start an edtech startup, you need to ask yourself whether it actually solves a problem or fulfills a need in the market. According to CBS Insights, 42% of startups fail solely because they aren’t addressing […]

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The EdTech Sector

2 minutes Read The Indian online learning industry is projected to reach $1.96 Billion in 2022, and it’s expected to grow rapidly from there too. This growth is representative of the opportunities that this industry holds. So, entrepreneurs who are looking to start an edtech startup can consider it as one of the signs to get into the field. The rapid growth, the willingness of the investors to invest, a lot of scope for innovation, and access to edtech incubators and accelerators are some of the reasons for which entrepreneurs can start their journey in this sector.  Now, before you jump into it, […]

EdTech Companies in India to Watch Out For! 

2 minutes Read EdTech startups are overcoming the challenges faced by traditional methods and bridging the gap between children and education. These apps add exciting features that make learning fun as well as engaging for children.  There are many successful edtech startups in India that have helped students learn as well as enhance their academic performance. The top companies are adopting various new technologies like robotics, virtual reality, online courses, interactive screens, and so on to take learning to the next level.  Let’s take a look at some of the best edtech companies in India that have created a space for themselves in […]

How Does EdTEch Enhance Classroom Teaching? 

2 minutes Read Technology and digitization are changing how students are tackling education. The way they perceive information or learn from it is not the same as it was maybe a decade ago. Educational institutions are trying to catch up when the world is progressing at a rapid pace.  Therefore it is time to revolutionize the industry, and that’s what edtech startups are up to. Remodeling the classroom structure and keeping up with the new needs is essential. All of this can happen by embracing technology and creating new learning experiences that will resonate with today’s students.  All of this is not easy, […]

Top EdTech Startup Strategies to Look Out for in 2022 

2 minutes Read We are currently living in the edtech revolution. The market is thriving, and many startups are taking innovative steps to grow. To survive in such a competitive and volatile market, being creative and coming up with successful strategies is the only way to create their own space in the industry.  Here are some of the top strategies that have brought in more ROIs than other edtech startups.  The freemium model It is one of the most popular and not to mention most effective models used for marketing strategies by edtech startups. It is a successful strategy because it lets customers […]