For DTC e-commerce startups, the customers always come first. Therefore, the entire development process needs to be centered around the requirements of the customer. If your users are not happy with the end product, then no matter how impressive the website is, it will not have an impact on the end user. 

Hence, in order to make an e-commerce website that appeals to the audience as well, here are some crucial aspects. 


Today, most users prefer to use their mobile devices while browsing e-commerce websites. So, creating an e-commerce website that is well-suited to run on a mobile device will become more appealing to the customers. 

Ensure that all the texts and pictures can be viewed properly on devices like smartphones. In a mobile-first app, all the functions and features are tailor-made to suit mobiles. It means that customers will not have to miss out on any functionalities just because they aren’t using a desktop. It also increases the traffic to your website. 

Easy to Use

Online shopping should be a fun experience for customers. If a user doesn’t understand how your website works, then they will quickly stop using it and find another place for shopping. Navigating through the website needs to be easy. Purchasing through your e-commerce store should be intuitive for your customers. 

Having navigation tabs and shortcuts to important pages will add a sense of ease to visiting the website. There needs to be a balance between ease of use and short processes. Customers would lose interest if the process is easy, but it takes too many clicks to get the job.


The website for your e-commerce store is your digital identity. Your users need to resonate with it for them to trust your brand and shop with you. Moreover, if the website doesn’t look pleasing to the eyes, then your audience won’t connect with it. The website design needs to be current, slick, and relevant to your brand image. 

Also, changing the look of the website over time is necessary so that it stays hip and not outdated. Having the bare minimum may not be enough to attract traffic any more.


If consumers are facing a delay while browsing your website, then they will soon be bored and abandon your brand. Having a slow website that takes time to load, process payments, to display products will repel your audience and reduce traffic on the website. About 40% of consumers will lose interest in your website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Try to analyze what might be the factors slowing down your website. Is it the plugins or custom applications that are delaying the loading? Or is it the unnecessary media that is making it difficult to download landing pages? 

Accessible feedback system

Even after creating a wonderful website, there is always room for improvement. Customers need to have a channel through which they can convey their concerns or suggestions to you. Having a feedback system that actually listens to what the customers want creates a website that their customers trust. It increases brand loyalty as well. 

So, these were some of the crucial aspects of website development from the customer’s point of view. What other aspects, according to you, are essential for customers? 

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