Don’t Forget These Crucial Aspects of the E-Commerce Web Development Process

2 minutes Read For DTC e-commerce startups, the customers always come first. Therefore, the entire development process needs to be centered around the requirements of the customer. If your users are not happy with the end product, then no matter how impressive the website is, it will not have an impact on the end user.  Hence, in order to make an e-commerce website that appeals to the audience as well, here are some crucial aspects.  Mobile-first Today, most users prefer to use their mobile devices while browsing e-commerce websites. So, creating an e-commerce website that is well-suited to run on a mobile device […]

Essential Steps of Every E-commerce Website Development Process

2 minutes Read Starting an e-commerce platform is no child’s play. It can become quite overwhelming. With its various aspects like design, layout, visuals, quality, and more, it can, in general, look like a huge and formidable task. The development process is going to set the tone for your website. It is half the battle.  When you look at the entire developmental stage as a whole, it can feel chaotic. However, if you carefully segregate the various steps, it becomes more manageable. Here is how you can divide your development process into different parts to track the progress and complete it as smoothly […]

Launching Your E-commerce Website? Here’s A Checklist For You!

2 minutes Read The website launch is an exciting and daunting experience at the same time. While you are exhilarated to start this amazing journey, you are also wondering whether you have done everything right. We get it.  We have a checklist for the pre-launch phase of your website. Once you’ve gone through the checklist, you’ll know if you’re ready or not.  Do you have an analytics tool?  Launching your website without it is like not even launching the website. It can be helpful in keeping track of site traffic and conversions. If you don’t have a tool ready, then you won’t be […]

Does Your D2C Startup Website Come With These Must-Have Features? 

2 minutes Read For D2C brands, providing a great customer experience is perhaps the most important aspect. D2C startups can provide personalization and inclusivity and even have the power to start and end trends. Every successful startup aims to reach a position from where it can achieve all the above things.  For a D2C startup, its website is a crucial tool in its arsenal. Therefore, taking the website to almost perfection with a strong back-end and front-end system helps in providing an experience that the customers will enjoy.  Creating a mobile-first website It is the mobile age, and a majority of the customer […]

Why Does Your D2C Startup Need a Website?

2 minutes Read Imagine you are a startup that makes direct-to-customer (DTC)  products. Now think about how you will go about the entire process of selling without a website. In order to get our product across to people, you will require distributors and other intermediaries. Your marketing channels are limited, and you may not reach as much audience. A website comes as a game-changer. Here are some invaluable benefits of having a website for a D2C startup.  Boosting your sales One of the most significant benefits of having a website is that you can directly sell to your customers and eliminate the middleman. […]

5 Strategies to Boost Your DTC Ecommerce Startup’s Sales

2 minutes Read Today a consumer has achieved a certain level of comfort with online shopping. Now, they are more inclined towards this way of purchasing than they were about a couple of years ago. This can also be called a golden era for D2C e-commerce startups. The proof is in the numbers as well. By FY27, the D2C brands in India are projected to become a $60 billion industry.  If you also want your startup to become a part of this growth cycle, here are some ways to boost your sales and, ultimately, your growth.  Put your customer first In D2C startups, […]

Careful! Watch Out For These Traps in the D2C Startup Journey 

2 minutes Read The pandemic shook the world as we knew it and gave way to new ways for different ventures. The rise of the pandemic also marks the rise of online purchasing. Online was a beacon of hope when everyone was locked inside their houses. And many e-commerce sites soar to heights during this period. However, it’s not all a bed of roses; there are thorns in the way too.  Investing in e-commerce startups is a costly affair, and if it is not done right, it can become quite stressful. There are high returns on investment expected. However, it all depends on […]

Do You Have What it Takes for a Successful D2C Startup? 

2 minutes Read The D2C sector is booming, and around 81% of the consumers plan on buying from direct-to-consumer brands. So, if you are thinking about starting a D2C startup, then there are certain prerequisites you need to have before starting your journey. These things will not only make the journey potentially easy for you but also boost your business.  Do you have the following things?  An amazing idea If you want your D2C startup to thrive among all the competition, then you need something that is worth working on. You need a vision or an idea for your brand that will keep […]

Open Source CMS Vs. Custom Website Development? Which One Do You Need? 

2 minutes Read One of the main things that startuppers need to focus on in the early days of their journey is setting up their digital presence. Now, many business owners choose to have a website before getting an app as it proves to be relatively cheaper and also creates a strong digital presence.  However, deciding to move ahead with the website doesn’t end the decision-making process here. The next order of business is deciding whether we need to customize open source CMS or make our website from scratch.  Now, both these options have their own merits, but everyone has different requirements from […]

Let’s Answer The Most Important Question- Does Your Startup Need a Website or Mobile App?

2 minutes Read As new startuppers start their journey, they are faced with a million questions. And one of the most crucial dilemmas they face is – a website or a mobile app?  When everything around us is becoming digital, it makes sense for new businesses to have a strong digital presence as well. And that’s why many people are setting up websites or apps for their products. But like we said before, choosing which would be best for the business is tough.  Well, not anymore! Here is how you can decide whether you need to get started with a mobile app or […]